Hello there!

Myself Rohit Joshi, a web content writer & a digital marketing enthusiast. I started blogging on October 3, 2019, with another website, "Re-View," but earlier in 2020, I changed the domain to "Glued2Screen".

Glued2Screen was supposed to be a movie review & updates site, but I have decided to use it as a personal blog. So, now I write blogs about movies, my experiences, or what I have learned or still learning in life. As of January 2021, I am a web content writer and content strategist at BDA Technologies Private Ltd and I will definitely share what I have learned through the "Knowledge Base" section of this website.

I moved my website from WordPress to Google Blogspot as it is free and I hope it stays the same. This saves me a little bit of money on yearly web hosting. I am currently not earning anything out of it, so why waste money on hosting when you can use it for free. I know this limits me with some features only, and I cannot customize this site like I could do if I had used WordPress. But it's ok; sometimes, you have to let go!

I consider myself knowledgeable when it comes to google Blogspot. So, if you're facing some problems with your free Blogspot domain, you can ping me on these social media accounts: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Linkedin

Thank you for visiting and I welcome you to this small community.