I started writing in Quora actively in October 2019. I recently crossed a million answer views on Quora and about 2 million all content views on Quora.

When I started out, I checked my quora account very often for any new views or comments. I actually made an aim of getting 5000 views in a month to reach 60,000 views by the end of 2020.

In reality, I was sitting at 8,00,000 plus views by the end of 2020.

I broke my yearly target in 2 days when one of my answers got viral.

This is not a very big achievement, but I learned a few things and now have a basic understanding of Quora during this journey:

  • The answers that tell a story people could relate to gets the most views.
  • If your answers are getting viral one after another, you get irritated by the number of notifications and comments you receive. I started writing about Twitter trends, and almost every answer was getting 10k+ views and 100+ upvotes.
  • Want upvotes and views? Write about trending topics. But, I would suggest not to because you get bored after some time, just like I did. Plus, your feed gets distorted with all the Twitter questions. And now you have to downvote every 2nd answer in your feed just to read some good answers.
  • One follower on quora is equal to 50 Instagram followers. It’s really tough to gain followers here!
  • Quora’s algorithms seem stupid to me sometimes.
  • Click baits are an integral part of Quora’s ecosystem. It’s unethical but not illegal, so everyone uses it. (Sorry, not sorry)
  • I used to spend a lot of time decorating my answers using bold, italics, and images. I still do. But, in the end, I have realized a quality answer with just a few lines can beat the shit of a beautifully decorated answer.
  • The views and upvotes paradox. I believe views and upvotes do encourage writers to write more. Plus, who wouldn’t like some appreciation after you have spent an hour crafting your answer? But, I also believe when you write for views and upvotes, you lose the authenticity and storytelling, i.e., your answer seems fake!
  • If you’re a girl with decent writing skills, you have an added advantage here or on any social media platform. You just need to know how to leverage it. (Reminder: I have said added advantage, not unfair)
  • Including this answer, I have 150 answers here, I guess. But the majority of the views and upvotes come from only 10 or so answers. So, yes, not every answer of yours will get upvotes, and that’s demotivating and saddening, I know.
  • The answer you think while writing will get good views ends up getting the least views.
  • As a writer, you feel jealous of every other famous writer who is getting good views on every of his/her answers.
  • Lastly, the majority of the answers don’t answer the exact questions but revolves around them.

My relationship with quora is of love & hate. When I use it, I used it extensively, like 3–4 hours a day, and when I don’t, I just leave it barren for months in a row.

I am thinking of posting some of my best answers of Quora here as blog posts with some added details, so stay connected!