I like to keep my inbox clean (even the spam).

While checking my mails, I found this email with the subject written as ‘Aman Bhatt,’ my cousin brother!

Out of curiosity, I opened it and found a very well-written copy of money extortion mail.

Spam mail copy

If it had not been a money extortion mail, I would have praised the copywriting skills of the writer.

Even though I knew it was a scam, I thought it to be true for a very brief moment!

As I had spent my time reading it, I thought I should also draft a reply to this scammer. So I came up with this.


Good morning. I hope you are having a nice day. The threat you have sent me seems real, and I would like to make a deal with you. But, the only problem is I don't have $2768 in my bank account. So what can we do?

As per your threat, you will release my video!

You can send out the video to my contacts, but please be sure to add my website link to it. I am a blogger, you know, plus a digital marketer, so I don't miss a chance of FREE PROMOTION!

Or you can send me the edited video, and I will upload it myself. My youtube channel is barren for months! (I am too lazy to edit the video)

Please subscribe to my channel here, Glued2Screen.

Thanks & Regards,

Rohit Joshi (Personal Blog | Rohit Joshi | GLUED2SCREEN |)(Please visit and drop your comments)

But Alas! The mail couldn’t be sent!

Spam Mail Reply

If I, as a victim, have some doubts, how the fuck should I resolve them?

Dear Scammers,

I know you won’t stop scamming people.

So, at least look into this problem!

And for the rest of you, STAY INFORMED, STAY SAFE!