Someone I Used To Know is a short story written by the 'Life Is What You Make It' author Preeti Shenoy. I was able to complete this novel within an hour despite the fact that I have not read anything for almost a year now. Well, another reason could be because this novel consists of only 36 pages! 

As I was starting to read again I decided to start with something small, just so I don't lose the motivation.

Book Review Of Someone I Used To Know By Preeti Shenoy

The story of Someone I Used To Know is dark, to be honest, and tells the story of love between Akhil & Nithya (the two main characters).

Preeti Shenoy was able to manage the suspense as for almost half the story it was not revealed 'Who is Nithya? just a few hints here and there like she is from India and Akhil is depressed over her but the reason was not told.

The story revolves around the idea that the definition of love should not be defined by society but only by the two people involved in it. There should be consent and agreement between the two people and any other person should steer clear of this matter!

I cannot say I loved it but it is a good one-time read. And if you are just starting to read you can start from this one as it is short, crisp, and a delight if you're into dark reads!