Writing blog content is tough. It's time-consuming, exhausting, and much easier said than done. But it isn't impossible to create great blog content on a consistent basis. If you follow this article's advice, your blog will be a force to be reckoned with!

  • Create Content That Works with the Human Mind

When it comes to content, it's crucial to understand how people think so you can create the most engaging content possible. Your content should help solve a problem for your audience, so they can then take a specific action. One of the best ways to do this is to create content that tells a story.

Create Content That Works with the Human Mind

We want to read stuff that will be easy to digest and relate to our everyday lives. The easier you make it for people to digest your content, the more likely they are to read it.

  • Creating a Compelling Hook

If you can create a compelling hook, it will help you to get more shares, more traffic, and more exposure for your blog. 

A hook is simply a sentence or two that grabs the reader's attention and makes them want to keep reading. If you can create a compelling hook, then you can keep the reader's attention as they move through the rest of your content. 

Creating a Compelling Hook

If you're struggling to come up with a good hook that will draw people in, you can always try answering these three questions when you're brainstorming:

Who is this for? What are they trying to solve? How is it different from what they already have? 

  • Make Sure Your Blog Content Is Visually Appealing

Having a blog that's easy to read and visually appealing is more important than you might think. It's essential that your blog design is professional-looking and that it also reflects your brand. 

Make Sure Your Blog Content Is Visually Appealing

We're all busy people, and we don't have time to read walls of text on a screen. If your blog posts are all text with no images, your audience will get bored and won't want to keep reading. Be sure to include pictures in your posts, and make sure they are relevant to what you're trying to say. 

  • Use Reader Engagement Tools To Encourage Readers to Comment and Share Content

Reader engagement tools are a great way to encourage readers to comment, share your content, and drive traffic to your blog. This is a great way to boost your blog SEO and grow your audience.

Use Reader Engagement Tools To Encourage Readers to Comment and Share Content

You can use tools like Disqus and Livefyre to encourage comments on your posts and track how many times your content is shared on social media!

  • Focus on Quality & Quantity

It's a common myth that says you should choose between HIGH QUALITY or LOTS OF QUANTITY! But the truth is, you need to do both! You should be uploading daily, but the content must be of high-quality. 

There is no reason why you can't regularly publish on your blog or post daily updates for your followers.

 Focus on Quality & Quantity

For example, Casey Neistat published daily vlogs of him doing random stuff. And that's how he built up his audience(12 million+ on Youtube)!

The thing is, if you put out great content, people will come back for more -DAILY!

Blogging is an art, and it's not something you can learn overnight. It takes practice and hard work to craft great blog posts. The only way to develop your writing style and improve your blogging skills is to write, write, write, and then write some more.