If you've visited this blog before, you know it was called something else. Actually, we started with 'Re-View'. I love watching movies and discussing them. On 3rd October 2019, my friend Manish and I started this small community to share our love for movies with like-minded people.

How I got the idea for Glued2Screen?

I was in charge of maintaining the website, and Manish handled making videos for our youtube channel. We were excited and posted videos on youtube. I used to keep track of every view we were getting on our channel. Every like, every comment gave us an adrenaline rush and motivated us to do better.

But then CAT 2019 happened. We had to stop because it was time-consuming.

We couldn't get a decent percentile in CAT. And as a result, I started to worry about my career. Not so sure about Manish; I don’t remember him taking stress about anything. So, like every unemployed graduate, I started looking for a job. The nearest metro city to my location is New Delhi. So, I moved to Delhi with my elder sister. I started looking for a job, and amid all this, I forget about our blog.

2 months later, while talking to a colleague, I remembered about our blog. Yes, we had started working as Data Analyst. God knows how we got the job? That day I kept thinking about our blog. The adrenaline rush I used to get while writing was not getting the same as Data Analyst. I realized I want the job of a content writer or something related to Digital Marketing.

A week or so later, I was sitting with my mom and was browsing Instagram, I guess. She taunted me by saying,’ What is there in these phones that you are glued to them throughout the day? At that moment, I got the idea for my new domain name. I quickly registered this domain online and then later changed ‘Re-View to  ‘Glued2Screen’.

Fast forward several months, I have resigned from my position as a Data Analyst. I don’t know if it was a good idea to leave a stable job amid this Coronavirus pandemic. But I know I am not an Analyst! So, sometimes you have to make some tough choices. As of now, planning to work on this and, side by side, learn the required knowledge to get a good job related to Content writing/Digital Marketing.

Thanks for reading, and I welcome you all to my blog!